AltechUEC Dual Channel HD Satellite Recorder / DSR4639.

The DSR4639 - now a decoder's allowing you to watch one channel while recording another...

A new Dual Channel HD Recorder from AltechUEC, the DSR4639.

Recently Altech UEC have given us this new addition to the VAST viewing market and at the time of its launch was revolutionary.

Being the first on he market with this Satellite PVR, sales have been healthy.  I literally have lost count, as a Satellite Technician, of how many of these units I have installed although I doubt the wife and the Taxation department have.

Utilizing similar software to their older DSD4121 decoder this PVR has proven capable of displaying good picture quality for both standard and high definition video.  Also those migrating from the older units to this item will find the TV guide (EPG) familiar and easy to use.

One welcome improvement is the remote control that comes with this unit.  Compared to the remote that comes with the PVR Ready model from Altech UEC, it is gratifying to see they have produced a remote of satisfactory appearance and quality.

Reading the manual that is supplied with the decoder, you can see that the manufacturer is planning on adding 'Media Player' functionality in the near future as well as 'Ethernet' connectivity however no firm date is given here with regard to this and on approaching Altech UEC personally, no date was offered as to when they would be introducing this.  Having installed Altech UEC products for years now, I find this frustrating but on the whole have found this company to be good to their word and in no doubt this functionality will be forthcoming sooner or later. It's just not here now... 

The DSR4639 comes with full 'High Definition' video and 5.1 'Dolby Surround Sound'.

Dolby Digital                         Full HD 1080 logo       

 Don't be intimidated, this is a very intuitive and easy unit to operate. After years of building and servicing similar units for the Pay T.V. industry, ALTECH UEC has crafted a unit with the user in mind. In fact, unlike similar Pay T.V. units that require twin cable runs from the dish to the recorder, the  DSR4639 only requires one.  This trick on this model is carried out by a 'shotgun' approach of installing two separate tuners and linking them together with an external 'loop through' cable - a bit messy but it works.

This means that if you have an existing VAST or Aurora system installed, it should be just a matter of unplugging the old unit and installing the new one. Don't forget to install the 'loop through' cable on the back of the box!  It comes packed with the decoder.

For a more comprehensive review and a list of specifications see "Technical notes / DSR4639" on this under Contents on this site.

For remote Australia or for those in black spots, which for many years, had little or no Television options, VAST and in particular the new PVR's, are something special.